Sonapur Eco Retreat: Everything You Need to Know

Sonapur Eco Retreat: Everything you Need to Know

Even the adjectives such as pristine, virgin, and picturesque fall short of describing the beauty of Odisha’s southernmost beach. Pati-Sonapur is one of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast, located right on the confluence of the Bahuda River and the Bay of Bengal, also right on the Odisha-Andhra Pradesh border. Explore the eco retreat here to find inner peace and beauty, or to indulge in that perfect insta-worthy shot. While glamping, you can sunbathe on the beach, participate in water sports, or gorge on delicious seafood. Berhampur, with its rich maritime history, Potagarh Fort, Tamara Lake, and the famous Gopalpur-on-Sea and Lighthouse are all nearby attractions. Pati Sonapur Beach is the most popular tourist destination in Ganjam, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh. The distance between Pati Sonapur and Bhubaneswar is approximately 195 kilometers.

Tourists will be welcomed to cultural events, guided tours to nearby natural, cultural, historic, and architecturally significant sites, and other recreational activities such as adrenaline-inducing water activities, volleyball, ATV rides, archery, and much more. After a day of adventure, return to the luxury tent and relax at a beach bungalow or escape to the air-conditioned camp for an extravagant end to the day. However, it would be unfair to end the activities without providing you with specific information on how to extend your visit to Sonapur!

Top Places That Should Be On Your Checklist

Explore the ancient temples of Sonapur and find calmness. Visit the famous Sureshwari Temple located at the left bank of the Tel River towards the southwest of the confluence of Mahanadi and Tel River. Delve into the magic of seven ponds found by the temple side of Sureswari which according to many scholars these ponds were the fort moats of the Kalachuri rulers. Another beautiful temple to visit is Lankeshwar. It is one of the forms of the God Shiva. This temple is considered sacred by the devotees due to this reason thousands of followers throughout the year visit to get God Shiva’s blessings. You can also join the tribe. Yet another famous and age-old Shiva temple is Subernameru Shiva Temple which is famous for its panoramic picturesque.

Comforts and Luxuries for an Unforgettable Staycation

These glamping retreats pull out all the stops, with comfortable twin/double beds with fresh linen, ensuite bathrooms, high-quality amenities, and curated experiences. With flexible and affordable options to choose from ranging from Swiss Deluxe Cottage with a comfortable twin / double bed, a large porch, and an attached bathroom to Superior Swiss Cottage comfortable twin/double bed with a large sitting area and en suite bathroom. Moreover, We ensure 100% safety and hygiene with proper air conditioning/ heating facilities, restaurant dining, and a lively bar to make your stay memorable.

Adventure Awaits!

‘If you want to achieve something in life, the sky’s the limit. Let your dreams fly high’ as they say! A beach vacation will not be complete without participating in one of the water sports like parasailing. The most exciting part of your parasailing experience will be reaching the destination height which is usually several hundred feet away from the ground. The experience is thrilling as you get to witness various sea creatures like sharks, dolphins, or even schools of fish. As you are up in the air,  your words won’t be enough to describe the feeling of watching the breathtaking view down below. Based on the accounts of our parasailers, the experience is both relaxing and peaceful.

Indulge In a Delicious Culinary Experience

No vacation feels satisfactory without good food. We are here to provide you a delectable culinary experience. Enjoy an incredible array of global cuisines with delicious, exciting, and creative pre-designed menus spread across the various meals, as well as an optional beachside bar, evening barbeques, or chai-tapri to engage with!

Recreational Activities For a Delightful Experience

Feel free to participate in a variety of recreational activities such as shooting, bow arrows, volleyball, and others. Shooting sports are a wide range of recreational and competitive athletic activities that involve accuracy, precision, and speed tests in aiming — the art of using ranged weapons, typically small arms (rifles, shotguns, and airguns in forms such as pistols, rifles, and shotguns) and arrow shafts.

Volleyball is a great outdoor activity for people of all skill levels to enjoy. It’s enjoyable both on and off the internet, and it’s a great way to meet new people or spend quality time with old ones.

Evening Entertainment

Experience a lifetime of entertainment that begins with sundown music and continues with curated cultural performances and a selection of romantic melodies including everyone’s favorite Bollywood mush songs. We are calling all the singing enthusiasts to have a karaoke night and enrapture.


Who doesn’t love the cool ocean breeze, the sand and water and the hot sun, this is why people visit, for there is no other place where the ocean meets the land. And people almost always have a story to tell about it. The Pati Sonpur beach, south of Gopalpur, across the river Bahuda on the Andhra Pradesh border, offers peace and tranquility to all visitors like you who come to relax and spend their leisure time. A fishing area is provided by a beach that is connected to the sea via a bridge over a lake. The sunset over the ocean is stunning, and this is one of Odisha’s cleanest beaches. The Odisha government is organizing an eco retreat to promote the Pati Sonapur beach. Pati Sonepur Beach is a well-known tourist destination in Berhampur, Ganjam.

This beach has blue water and golden-yellow sand, creating a lagoon-like atmosphere. It stretches along the coast of the Bay of Bengal and is known for its beautiful and long sandy beach. It attracts a large number of visitors who come to enjoy the natural scenery of the beach and to swim. Sonpur Beach is ideal for relaxing by the sea with you and your family. We urge you to reconnect with nature and remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

And when you find a great glamping spot, you can enjoy camping at its finest. There is a glamping holiday to suit your needs and budget, whether you want to toast marshmallows as the sun sets, camp out in a tent in the bush, or enjoy cocktails by the beach.

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