Glamping At Daringbadi: Hidden Treasures And Mystique Marvels

Glamping At Daringbadi: Hidden Treasures And Mystique Marvels

Daringbadi is a wonderful glamping spot in Odisha, that travel enthusiasts must add to their bucket list. The place is dotted with scenic pine forests and stunning waterfalls in the hill stations of Phulbani that is bound to leave you startled at the sight of the Kashmir of Odisha. The place offers several exciting modes of accommodations for travelers ranging from cozy resorts to luxury glamping tents. Daringbadi consists of beautiful valleys and plateaus, which have coffee and pepper gardens scattered throughout the land of the ancient tribe of India “Kutia Kondhas”.

The place offers the perfect getaway for travelers seeking an eco-retreat and time off from their regular mundane city life. The mixed cultural tourism, tribal communities and natural beauty of the place mesmerizes the tourists visiting the place. There are a series of waterfalls that enhance the elegance of the place and are a must visit for the tourists. Some of the popular waterfalls of the region are Daringbadi waterfall, Putudi waterfall, Dadubaba waterfall and Ludu waterfall.

The place is named after Daring Sahib, a British officer who was in charge of the place. The refreshing cool breeze felt as you trek through the hilly trails of the surreal sight of the landscape emerging out of the jungles and adjacent hills, is bound to chill your bones.The best time to visit this place is during winter, from December to February. Let us have a look at the places and that the tourists shouldn’t miss while they are visiting this stunning place.

- Daringbadi waterfall

This is the most popular waterfall of the place that is a hotspot for tourists. This waterfall is also known as Midubanda waterfall. The waterfall is about 15 kilometers from Daringbadi. The waterfall offers a spectacular view in a gorgeous environment. This perennial waterfall is surrounded by bathing, cooking and appropriate parking facilities. Once may also avail tenting facilities here. There are several coffee and herbal gardens that can be visited during your trip to Daringbadi.

- Putudi waterfall

This is one of the best waterfalls of the site and is situated in an exotic location with serene and breath-taking sight of the continuous flow of water. If you love adventure and nature, this is the perfect spot for you for its amazing waterfall.

- Bird watching

Given its natural beauty, Daringbadi is home to a variety of birds that build their nest in the forests. There are several birds that migrate to India like Siberian Cranes during Winters. You would find some of the rarest breeds of birds flocking Daringbadi. You would definitely like to grab your binoculars and go around spotting exotic birds in this place.

- Guided treks and Jungle Safari

The best part of your eco-retreat Odisha is undertaking a guided trek or a jungle safari through the valleys and forests of Daringbadi. The stunning flora and fauna of the beautiful Eastern Ghats will leave you spellbound. You can trek through the valley or climb hills or carry out car safaris to explore the stunning place.

- Cycling Through

Cycling through the valleys is a wonderful experience for the tourists visiting Daringbadi. The landscape and the beauty experienced by the travelers is bound to stay with them for the rest of their lives. If you wish to enjoy the place, cycling is the best mode of transport to hang around this place.

- Watching the sunrise or the sunset

Experiencing the sun emerging from the hills or setting below the horizon is a wonderful experience within itself. But when you view it from Daringbadi, you get the perfect sight of the sunrise and sunset from the hills of the Eastern Ghats that will make you crave for many sunrises and sunsets.

- Glamping At Its Finest

The place is famous for camping enthusiasts to set up their niche in a more poised way. The Department of Tourism in Odisha has made several provisions to make your glamping experience smooth and comfortable. The glamping sites are established at picturesque spots that portray the unmatching natural beauty of Daringbadi.

- Tara Tarini

This is a shrine of the twin goddesses on top of the Purnagiri hills and is renowned to be one of the four Adi Shakti Pitha’s of the country. It is said that the breast of Sati fell here and hence describing the shape of the idols. The temple is situated 708 feet above the sea level. This place has four fairs conducted every Tuesday of the Chaitra month (March-April) which attracts lakhs of devotees to come and pay their respect to the goddesses.

- Activate Your Sweet Tooth

Odisha is popular for its finger licking food, snacks and desserts. Improvising the simplest of household dishes and preparing delicious desserts is the speciality of people of Odisha. You would find some of the best preparations that are going to leave you craving for more.

- Rise A Shopaholic In You

Berhampur has plenty of options for street hopping to purchase and collect souvenirs. The Boyanika at Girija Chhak is an ideal spot for shopping for shopping enthusiasts. One might purchase various fashion commodities, handicrafts and local food items that have been prepared in the Odisha state.

How to reach and how to stage?

The nearest railway station to Daringbadi is the Berhampur station. The place is also well-connected with the roads. Though a scary route, the car ride to Daringbadi is a wonderful and exciting experience.  Bhubaneshwar is the nearest Airport from where Daringbadi is 248 kilometers. There are several hotels and resorts provided with all the facilities you need to make the best out of your eco-retreat in Odisha. 

You may even avail luxurious glamping in Daringbadi. The accommodations offered are Star rated hotels, eco nature camps and tenting facilities. If you are wishing to visit a place with river beds, sand bars to virgin beaches, mangrove forests and even hill stations, you will get them all in Daringbadi. Visiting this place can be the perfect weekend getaway for you to plan with your family, friends or loved ones. 

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