A Guide To Eco Retreat Putsil: Things To Do, See And Eat

A Guide To Eco Retreat Putsil: Things To Do, See And Eat

If you are considering an Eco retreat in Odisha, the Eastern state full of natural and heritage hotspots of some of the finest experiences of our country, Putsil is one of the amazing options for you to consider. Also known to be the Switzerland of Odisha and the Munnar of the East, Putsil is a fantastic place to witness the wondrous valley surrounded by the ranges of the Eastern Ghats. If a winter picnic in a lush green grassland surrounded by mesmerizing mountains is on your bucket list or is about to be added by the sound of it, you must plan Putsil Eco Retreat and experience the fine mountain point along with several hills that surround the humongous valley.

Putsil Mountain Point is located 1 kilometer from Pendajam in Odisha. It is 21 kilometers from Sunabeda and 40 kilometers from Koraput town. You get to witness many alluring waterfalls, beautiful springs and stunning coffee gardens on your way to the Putsil Valley. Once you reach the mountain point, the delightful sight of the clouds touching the mountains of the valley is bound to leave you spellbound.

What makes Eco Retreat Putsil a grand experience for you with your friends, family or loved ones are the efforts made by the Odisha Tourism Department to invite tourists and view the heart-warming valley and the mountain ranges. There is comfortable accommodation, delicious food places, ample security, trekking expeditions, yoga and other cultural activities provided at Putsil.

Car Ride Through The Valley

The trip that you will undertake to reach the Putsil valley is a beautiful experience in itself. You would cover some of the wonderful sites of Odisha. Ranging from waterfalls, springs and coffee gardens, you would have several stops on your route to capture the unreal sight of the wonders of the Putsil valley.


You must include trekking in your bucket list of your Eco Retreat Putsil to experience the best view of the valley and the stunning corners of the mountain range. For health enthusiasts and trekkers, this is a great spot in Eastern India that can provide them an experience they would treasure throughout their lives.


Given the relishing terrain, Putsil is a fantastic spot for glamping. The grassland provides a great site for you to relish the comfort of your tents and experience the wonders of nature. It does not take away the liberty from you to be connected with the greens rather enhances the association instead! It is definitely one of the best options available for you to roll in to the cozy sheets after a long day of exploration.

Winter Picnics

The best time to visit this place is during winters. What better way to experience this place other than a heart-warming picnic with your family. You can spend quality time with your family or your loved ones surrounded by the elegant mountains in a lush green and misty valley. This is one of the best spots for a touristy picnic in Odisha.

Cycling Or Bike Trip

If you are not much of a trekking enthusiast, you may even explore the valley on a bicycle or a two-wheeler. It can be a part of a wonderful nature retreat experience that can be added to your list of expeditions.

Climbing the Talamali Hilltop

Climbing to the highest points of the mountain range can be a wonderful part of your eco-retreat experience. You would definitely not like to miss the view of the valley and the adjacent hills from the high points of the Talamali Hill.

Mouth Watering Delicacies

Odisha is renowned for its delicious cuisine. For culinary enthusiasts and food lovers, this place can offer some of the finest dishes of our country. From non-vegetarian curries, lentils to finger licking vegetarian food items and fine sweets, the yummy food of the state is going to leave you craving for more. Let us ponder upon some of the traditional dishes that you must not miss on your trip to Odisha.

- Dalma

This legendary dish, though popular throughout the country is prepared from roasted moong dal along with a generous amount of vegetables like pumpkin, yam, papaya, etc without any onion or garlic can be best relished with piping hot rice.

- Chingdi Malai

This yummy dish is a must try. It is prepared with prawns and coconut milk which produces a creamy gravy which is enhanced by the addition of local spices of Odisha. The dish is sometimes garnished with sprinkled coriander on top and is best enjoyed with hot basmati rice.

- Chhena Poda

From the variety of sweets Odisha is renowned for, this particular sweet is one of the most popular ones. The name translates to ‘burnt cheese’ and it is cooked with well-kneaded cottage cheese with sugar and nuts. This sweet is baked to obtain a brownish texture and heavenly taste. If you have a sweet tooth, you would love this sweet.

- Kanika

It is a traditional sweet pulao cooked with aromatic basmati rice, cashew, raisins and ghee. This traditional dish is renowned for its fine texture, fragrance and supreme taste which can compete with the best of biryani or the finest of fried rice. It is usually served along with chicken or mutton gravy items.

- Podo Pitha

This is a famous local food prepared during the Raja Festival or Swing Festival of Odisha. This sweet dish is cooked in clay ovens and contains fermented rice, black gram, coconut and cardamom as the main ingredients. The burnt texture formed by caramelized jaggery establishes the wonderful taste of this sweet.

- Chakuli Pitha

This traditional food is considered to be a softer version of dosa though it is different in some ways. The batter contains lentils and rice that are grinded to make a thick paste. Then some of it is poured on the hot pan with little oil on the surface and is fried like a pancake from both sides. This dish is usually served with aloo bhujia or jaggery.

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