Satkosia: Romantic Retreat For Couples

Satkosia: Romantic Retreat For Couples

We have heard that Satkosia is a dreamy land for getaways and is every nature lover’s fantasy. But did we hear about it enough that it is just the ideal place for couples looking for romantic retreats? For couples who are fond of exploring faraway places rich in flora and fauna, Satkosia Gorge in the Angul district of Odisha is nothing less than a paradise because of the scenic beauty and bountiful Mahanadi river flowing through the Eastern Ghats. What makes Satkosia extra adorable for couples to go on retreats is the warm feeling of having to witness the coming together of the Eastern Ghats and Deccan Peninsula. Couples from all over the world seek eco retreat in Odisha for what the land is known best for, the scenic beauty.

It is necessary to take a break amidst the busy lifestyles every now and then. For Eco Retreat Satkosia is at the meeting point of two biogeographic regions of India and it gives couples the perfect chance to experience wildlife like leopards, wild cats, spotted deer, dholes, sambar and even crocodiles. The resort offers to-stay options for couples in luxurious swiss cottages and tents, both of which offers the chance to experience the bliss of the great outdoors without compromising even a bit on the luxuries of a great staycation.

Satkosia Eco Retreat is known for its classic aesthetics and modern comforts all of which are equipped with comfortable beds, bathrooms and top-notch amenities to ensure a curated experience for guests. Eco Retreat Satkosia also provides stay in swiss cotton tents that are pitched on the sandbar of the great river Mahanadi. A list of must-try activities has the power to make couples retreat rewarding and here we are about to reveal it all to you!

Go on a Jungle Trek

Satkosia is a temporary home to common migratory birds like lapwings, brahminy ducks, bar-headed geese, thick-knees, pintails and more. You can take a stroll with a veteran eco-guide through one of the trekking routes. The common resident birds are kingfishers, pied hornbills, cormorants, golden oriole, minivets, egrets, barbets, and sunbirds. Couples while taking a peaceful stroll in the wild can also spot wildlife like elephants, barking deer, sloth bears, spotted deer, Indian gaur and more. It is not very surprising that the retreat is home to crocodiles and turtles, both of which you can see on the banks of the river. The place offers the feel of a real jungle and there won’t be a perfect time to connect with the depths of nature.

Experience The Serenity

Couples can now enjoy a unique boating experience through river Mahanadi and the rate for the expedition depends upon the time. It is a perfect chance to sit with one’s partner, relax and enjoy the scenery and animals at the banks within the comfort of their home; couples get to enjoy tranquility at its best along with an eco-guide who will accompany the couple. The guide will share information about the natural beauty, wildlife and medicinal plants and enrich the knowledge of tourists about the ecological treasures of Satkosia.

Fall For Nearby Attractions

What is exciting about a couples retreat is that one can get to explore a lot of attractions near a place. For instance, couples can check out famous tourist destinations like the Phulbani Daringbadi for the mountain ranges, waterfalls, and tribal cultures over the landscape. The Gharial Research and Conservation Unit is another interesting place to check out as they do important research programs on Gharial and Mugger crocodiles. Another favorite spot of travelers is the Nilamadhav temple, which is a very old and famous Vishnu temple located at Kantilo. It is located on the bank of Mahanadi and is surrounded by twin hills and forests. The Kuanria Dam and Kuanria Deer Park are spots where you can bird-watch a variety of migratory birds during the winter.

Engage In Thrilling Activities Together

Eco retreat Odisha comes with the perks of being able to enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as rifle shooting, archery, ATVs, bicycles, and so on. Couples can also engage in a range of motorized and non-motorised water sports and can also choose to come back by the time evening entertainment at the place begins. There will be interesting sundown music and cultural performances, which everyone can engage in as long as they want to. When couples sign up for retreats, they prioritize private celebrations more than anything. Hence, booking exclusive areas for lunches and dinners along with enjoying a delightful culinary experience will lighten up their mood and elevate the connection between them.

How to Reach Satkosia?

Couples who prefer to travel to this iconic destination by train can get down either at Angul Railway Station, which is 81 km away, or Cuttack Railway Station, which is 123 km away from the eco-retreat. It takes 2 hours for one to reach the retreat from the prior and 3 hours to reach the spot from the latter. If you prefer to take the flight, you can reach the nearest airport in Bhubaneswar, which is known as Biju Patnaik International Airport. Satkosia Eco Retreat is about 140 kilometers away from Bhubaneswar and it will take about 3 hours for people to reach the resort if they travel by road.

Plan And Get The Best Out Of A Couples Retreat

Love and relationships are ongoing work and it needs an unhindered place to grow. And that is what a perfect couples retreat at Satkosia does to people who are in love. A weekend getaway to Satkosia to experience the joy of such a retreat by witnessing the sea to hills and river to jungles on your budget will help you deeply connect with your partner on a high level. Couples should not think of missing a chance for such a rewarding experience while such eco-retreats offer great comfort and excellent facilities that will not make couples compromise on the quality of their retreat experience. Taking memories and leaving footprints is something we do many times, but doing it with a partner is indeed a different experience.

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