Places You Should Explore in Odisha On A Bike

Places You Should Explore in Odisha On A Bike

Odisha, situated in the eastern seaboard of Indian Subcontinent, is favored with a stunning range of magnificent tourism products. Traditionally famous as a cultural destination with amazing temples and monuments, it has today emerged as one of the most beautiful states on all fronts including tourism. 

It has a serene beauty dotted around in the city and countryside with minimum vehicular traffic, and the friendly people make it an ideal destination for bike/bicycle riders. When you are on a motorcycle, you have the freedom to go anywhere. It gives an explorer the opportunity to experience raw nature in its purest form. With long coastline of 480 Kms, 35% of dense forest cover, a buddhist heritage, varied ethnic tribes, shining classical dance of Odissi, largest brackish water lake of Asia-Chillika, the criss crossed Mangroves forest of Bhitarkanika, so many and so forth it is an eye candy for the tourists.

Experience Beauty Of Odisha On A Bike


Chilka is one of the best places to visit in Odisha. It is the second largest lagoon in the world which offers one the opportunity to indulge in varied activities such as fishing, boating, bird watching and spotting wildlife. Likewise, Keonjhar, also rich in flora and fauna, is a treat for nature lovers. This place is home to mighty hills, old temples and cascading gorgeous waterfalls which makes it an offbeat destination. To name some of the waterfalls: 

Gundicha Ghaghi also known as “Niagara of Odisha” with its beholding sight.
Sanaghagara Waterfall is an exotic ecotourism spot.
Bhimkund waterfall is a glorious twin fall in the middle of lush green surroundings. It is also considered as a sacred  place where local people gather to celebrate Makar Sankranti.

Kuljhar Waterfall is surrounded by thick green mountains and you can actually explore this place with the help of local villagers as this site is located in one of the remotest villages of Odisha.

Khandadhar Waterfall the meaning of this name is Sword Edge. The breathtaking environment encircled by the hills in three directions will mesmerize you.

Historical Significance

If you are particularly fond of history and love exploring it on your own, Odisha has its arms wide open with almost every single city having a stark cultural and historical significance. Take out your bikes and your snacks, and go explore these in the most favorable order decided by you-

Puri, in Odisha is one of the states which has the famous Hindu Temple Jagannath Puri. Popular for Rath Yatra and the Beaches. Bhubaneshwar, known as the temple city of India, is the home for its architectural and grand temples. Konark is the renowned world over the Sun Temple which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Dhauli is the land where the Kalinga War is located on the bank of river Daya and holds immense importance for the followers of lord Buddha. This place is said to be the witness of the reform of Ashoka’s Character. This is also known for Dhabaleshwar and Bahirangeswar Temple. Sambalpur is the amalgamation of western and traditional culture. It abounds with prolific rivers, shining hills, green forests and affluent wildlife. Hirakud Dam with its global name is placed here.

Barabati Fort, Cuttack is a well known fort with beautifully crafted gateway. Situated on the river Mahanadi, this fort is situated at such a calculated place that it provides a magnificent view of the modern Cuttack city. The fort brings charm and depicts its glorious history. You can explore it entirely on your own and have the most amazing time ever. 

Khandagiri Caves, Bhubaneshwar are artificial caves which date back to the 2nd century. This historical place is a must to visit as it provides quite a sight with all the beautifully carved inscriptions and figures. This is the place to enjoy quiet time amidst nature, a number of lush green parks are located here.

Chausath Yogini, Temple located near the mesmerizing River Narmada, is a 10th Century ancient Temple. The presiding deity is Goddess Durga. The temple follows the Yogini Culture in India with 70 Yoginis residing in the temple.

Ananta Vasudev Temple, Bhubaneshwar is the 13th Century Shrine built by Queen Chandrika. The presiding deity is Lord Krishna. The treat to the eyes are the Carvings and Vaishnavite sculptures.  

Lingaraja Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was built in the 7th Century. It is highly revered because of the fact that the Shiva Lingam, a manifestation of Lord Shiva appeared naturally. It rises to the massive height of 8 inches above the floor level and is about 8 feet in diameter as well.

Patalganga, Nuapada is one of the most visited tourist hotspots of Odisha. It is a small perennial lake which is worshiped as our holy Ganges.

National Parks in Odisha for solo wildlife spotting

Simlipal National Park, Baripada is the largest National Park of Odisha. It is one of the principal tiger projects in India. The area is plentiful of dense forests, electrifying meadows, breathtaking waterfalls and beautiful rivers. Simlipal Reserve has more than 1000 varieties of plants and a great variety of wildlife.

Similarly, the Bhitarkanika National Park, Cuttack is considered as the one of its kind in entire Asia because of one of the rarest species of flora and fauna. This place also attracts a myriad of migrant species like the Olive Ridley, Sea Turtles, Asian OpenBill, Black Lbis and many other species. 

Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary attracts the tourists with its overwhelming beauty and lush green surroundings. 

Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary, Jeypore is located in the valleys of the Koraput region, the place has lush valleys which is the great attractive feature with natural landscape. The national highway 43 which runs over the mountains offers an unforgettable experience while traveling in Sunabeda.

These tourist places in Odisha are a treat to one’s eyes and soulful experience to one’s inner world. One can visit this place and return with a bag full of wonderful memories, the raw natural beauty and simplicity will remain etched in one’s mind. You can visit the places listed simply on a bike and explore them fully, to further enhance your own experience of the place!

Framed by multiple coupled trees, the village of Raghurajpur is one of the most beautiful craft villages in India. It has a heartwarmingly traditional culture of craft making and most villagers invest in the performance in its entirety to ensure it does not stop existing. The works are mostly inspired by the temples and other attractions of the state of Odisha, and have their own stories to tell. Almost every household is covered in art and decorated by craft.

Pipli is another phenomenal village in Odisha that is famous for its applique work, which is essentially carried out by stitching and embroidering different pieces of cloth that are based on the most amazing decorative items such as umbrellas, pouches, wallets, mirrors etc. Take them with you to add a certain twist and change to your homes in the best way possible.

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