Things You Need to Know Before Your First Glamping Experience

Things You Need to Know Before Your First Glamping Experience

Lets pack our bags! Doesn’t it sound exciting. It definitely does; from youth to elders to professionals to home makers everyone wants to run away from their mundane jobs to take shelter in a peaceful and calm environment. The fast lifestyle has become a habit. People want to be convenient, fast and efficient and the list is endless. Nowadays people are much more fond of intimate contact with nature and enjoy the virgin beauty of the destination.  After being cooped up in the houses or the concrete walls of your work, wide open spaces are needed. 

Spending the mornings waking up slowly, enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the middle of the raw nature or an energizing hike is a bliss everyone wants to experience. Spending time meditating, in recreational activities, reading books, listening to music, doing yoga or even taking a nap this breath of fresh air is bound to have your focus back. The glamping (glamorous camping) experience is one such a lifetime opportunity not to be missed. Solo travel buffs or vacation with the family these glamping sites can be well integrated with nature, they provide every convenience as per your need. Star-filled skies, plush blankets, crackling fires ignite the flame of self love or falling in love with your spouse again. Glamping tent will give you an updated experience for outdoor accommodation. With tents walls painted with Odisha’s art style, comfortable double beds, colorful curtains, insulation cotton, washrooms and much more is available in a small or a large tent according to your preference. Glamping thus provides the best factor of these glamping sites as they are temporary hotel buildings, which is cheaper than concrete construction and quicker procedures. They can be dismantled in one day. Glamping provides you the thrill with the splendors of the outdoors and commune with nature without sacrificing the comfort. 

Things to ponder before devising for a Glamping tour


Look for a location according to your interests. People who want to have divine blessings can look for the sites near temples, people who are adventurous should look for beach sites to enjoy the thrill of a variety of water sports like kayaking and much more provided by the glamping sites. People who are nature lovers should look for sites which are located in the middle of the forests or national parks. The site should have good connectivity to reach out to various worth exploring spots to not to miss on anything. There should also be nearby local markets to see the current fashion of that city and also look forward to different artifacts, souvenirs collection to understand the culture of the state. 

Clothing and Entertainment

While you don’t need to bring equipment to set up your shelter and snuggle in for the night or few days when you go camping, you still need to pack a bit differently than you would for a hotel in the city. The first step in deciding what to pack is knowing what to expect from your glampsite. Look at their website or contact them directly to learn about their amenities. They can also give you tips on what the weather will be like and the kinds of activities that you will want to prepare for. Pack clothing as if you are camping, pack layers of clothing to prepare for a variety of weather conditions. If you are planning an outing with the family and have children to accompany taking board games, books and sport equipment will be more relaxing for you. You can also keep comfortable blankets, slippers, and flashlights. 


With most of the tourists wanting to enjoy the uninterrupted tour, technology can be avoided, but you might find some technology useful or necessary to understand the hidden places around the destination. It can be an antique shop or a not so famous spiritual site. Bring things to document a journal to take back the memories. You can also keep a camera or GoPro; smartphone; waterproof cases; laptops; tab; headphones; portable charger. 

Outdoor Gear

There are some outdoor gear essentials that you will want: Sunscreen, mosquito repellant, hiking boots, sunglasses, hats, hiking daypack, water bottle, umbrella. Depending on the research beforehand regarding the destination you can add more or delete a few. 

Food and Snacks

It is always a great idea to keep your favorite snacks in plenty to avoid the unpleasant or to quench the midnight hunger. The case might be the grocery shop being far away from the site and with children unboard you have to keep a buffer to avoid their tantrums. 

Daily Essentials

There are certain necessities that you pack with you wherever you go that includes prescription and over the counter drugs and supplements. Bring what you intake in daily routine as well as certain regular medicines that can save the trip. First aid equipment from ointments to Band-aids there is no harm to keep them in your kitty. Bath and shower supplies some glampsites might provide you with things like shampoo and face washes but it’s never a bad idea to keep other things like a bottle of oil, moisturizer, lip balm.

Is Help at hand

Often people considering glamping don’t have prior experience of sleeping outdoors and no matter how well prepared you are, you still need a proper assistance at time of emergency or in the middle of an unavoidable need, check it before hand with the site in charges is a safe thing to consider in the to do list. 


If the pets are a vital part of your holiday, it is essential to check if they are welcome or any veterinary hospital nearby for any emergency. 

What is there to do?

It is important to know if there are various things on the site to explore and enjoy without spending money around the site. Nice walks, undiscovered places nearby, beauty spots, serene small water falls. What are the other activities arranged by the site in charge to engage you. 

Be sure to do the research

The best tip for your first glamping experience is to plan well ahead of time. Speak with the owners of your glampsite, do your research, make a list and check it twice before you head out for your luxurious outdoor adventure. 

You are all set to enjoy the most thrilling, fun filled, heart-warming experience of your life. 


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