6 Reasons For You To Visit Hirakud Glamping Experience

Reasons For You To Visit Hirakud Glamping Experience

Popularly known by the Asia’s longest earthen dam, Hirakud is a majestic city to be in! Filled with an array of adventures and stories, it has multiple sites a typical tourist can swirl around. But for the starters, the prominent one you are sure to hear of is definitely about the dam. It is one site that remains the highlight of the city since forever for localities as well as the visitors. And why not? It is a magnificent iconic masterpiece that has made the country proud by being the biggest artificial lake in Asia.

Apart from the Hirakud Reservoir, there are various attractions that might lure you to extend your stay in the city. From famous temples to comfortable glamping stay, the list gets long for you to plan a trip right away!

Places You Must Not Skip

Ghanteswari Temple, you must be wondering why it was named as Ghanteshwari, it is because of the uncountable bells set all over and around the temple. An amazing thing to be captured over this place would be a confluence spot where several rivers combine with the majestic Mahanadi River. Long ago, it was discovered that the waters could generate whirlpools, it was both hypnotic and heart throbbing, as the powerful waves in this region claimed several vessels and lives. The Hirakud Dam now has rendered the waterways surrounding the temple much more secure. 

Budharaja Temple is a place where you can connect to your higher inner self at a spiritual level and get the answers to all of your questions from within. It is a historic Mahadev temple and a famous pilgrimage site. The magic lies in the sculpture of this temple as it is shaped as Budharaja, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The temple comes alive during Dussehra and Mahashivaratri when worshippers pay their respects to the reigning god.

Huma, the Leaning temple of Lord Shiva is one of the most unique because of how it leans, this one-of-a-kind temple dips 5 to 6 ° to the northeast and the temple complex leans one way, whereas the other temples lean in separate directions. Also, the temple’s edges are angled in a specific way. The different species of fisheries there is an add-on uniqueness of the peaceful shrine.

If you are still not convinced on how mesmerizingly extravagant this place is, here is an elongated list of why you should consider Glamping in your next camping.

Comfort with Ruggednessof Nature OF NATUR

Imagine how sipping on your coffee while laying on a comfy recliner and watching the magical nature would feel like? Amazing, isn’t it? Most folks believe that if you go glamping, you lose the real-life experience of reconnecting with the wilderness, but this is not the case. There are numerous types of glamping experiences, enabling you to enjoy nature as per your wishful desire – a modest tent in the middle of the jungle will not be hindering you from enjoying wildlife, and nor would a shepherd’s hut, which many people enjoy staying in!

There is no comparison to experiencing being in the lapse of wilderness and seeing wildlife. Glamping and being in nature provide a feeling of liberty that the other vacations might not provide, without the bother of pitching tents and being stung to death by flies.

Perfectly Planned Stays

It is a match made in heaven for people who love to explore around as well as are lifestyle conscious. Ignore the tents you will have to snuggle into, the concrete floor you will have to rest on, and the insufficient space to straighten up and stretch out. While glamping in Hirakud Eco Retreat, you can go into that large canvas tent and benefit from the extra space, while still taking in the magnificent scenery that is likely to be in your doorway!

You do not need to stress about zipping into and out of a tent, having to put your boots on to dodge the damp muddy floor, or managing an unacceptable bathroom condition – all of which may be an issue for many and contribute to a stressful day! Instead, you can appreciate your glamping experience by sleeping on a comfy bed, having the freedom to stretch out at all angles, and unwind.

No better argument to embark on a glamping vacation than to simply loosen up? You may walk outside and appreciate nature while sitting in a comfy armchair and having an electrical outlet nearby in case you need to use it. The choice is entirely yours, but having that alternative is advantageous. You will be sorry if you do not have that alternative if you might require it – thus it is always best to be ready and understand there is always a solution for every issue.

Authenticity of Culture

Immersion in a culture is the only way to truly understand it, building up conversations over a little cup of tea with stalls around, getting to know the place from the locals, and familiarizing ourselves with the communities of the area is the best way to feel the place and the emotions of the inhabitants. There are so many tremendous things to do, explore, and discover when glamping, and the range of ways to glamping offer diverse cultural experiences that would inspire you with experiences to last a lifetime.

Consider that instead of staying in a resort or hotel, you could begin your day just steps from a sandy beach, or even somewhere in the mountainous region viewing a tranquil highland lake. Whenever you leave your “bedroom” if you go glamping, you can lose yourself in the wilderness and fully experience the culture and area without forcing yourself into an awkward position.

Cheap Luxury

Glamping as the name suggests is glamorous camping but it is not very glamorous in terms of the cost it bears. People often believe that since glamping is a luxury if compared to regular camping, it would be expensive. While it is genuine that you can pay a lot of money for several glamping places (as you might with any resort you could perhaps stay in relying on place, dimensions, and such), most yurts, tepees, tents, or cottages that you choose will not break your bank, and then you will likely discover them a lot affordable than resorts.

Experince the Stories of the City

The city flooded with various temples and traditions, Hirakud has a repository of stories. Get a deeper connection with people by listening to those local storytellers while enjoying the luxury of glamping. At Eco Retreat Hirakud, connect with majestic nature while being in your comfort.

Need No Expertise

An expert in anything was once a beginner! And glamping for that part does not even need expertise. Camping is hardly as simple as you may think, and can frequently result in a lot of turmoil rather than a pleasant holiday vibe. If you go camping in the wilderness, you may assume that all you require is a tent, snacks, and sleeping bags, but there is a bit more to the experience. Fortunately, if you want to try glamping you do not have to be an expert, and you can have a great time with just a little or no planning.

Keeping your inner child alive is the decode to a happy life! So, always strive to have joy, make some new experiences, giggle out loud, and relish yourselves! Traveling securely to a campsite, glamping site, hotel, or elsewhere may provide the nicest experiences, therefore it is crucial to completely take advantage of these experiences whenever possible.

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