Eco-Retreat: A Sustainable Tourism Model

Eco-Retreat: A Sustainable Tourism Model

Eco-retreats are the new go-to vacation option for most tourists around the world today and are slowly emerging as the top of the tourism model. They are crafted to be environmentally friendly and have a carbon-zero existence, with the least carbon footprint possible. Eco-retreats have low-impact accommodations, without neighboring lodges or other artificially built amenities that might have a negative effect on nature. They have everything that you might need to engage with nature in its entirety, without harming it.

Glamping, in particular, a fusion of glamor and camping, is the traditional way of camping with the only difference being that it is more luxurious and fitted to your daily needs and wants, offering services that go beyond that. However, it is also much more than that. It lets you become a part of nature while you are also freely flowing in the realms of comfort and safety.

Embracing the simplicity of life at its purest

By decreasing the carbon footprint of both people involved and the operation itself, eco retreats make life much simpler and purer than resort life, so to speak. They don’t minimize the luxurious experience of the tourist but basically ensure it doesn’t end up harming the environment, and posing a threat to the flora and fauna of the place. You are able to carry out daily activities and still enjoy their ease and importance in your routine by understanding their absolute role. Additionally, this authentic nature will only feel enhanced the more you interact with the sustainability of the place. 

However, this simplicity is offered with a slight taste and twist of luxury that will strengthen your will to keep it limited to that. You get to dive into amenities such as electricity, air conditioning or heating depending upon the weather, hot water, luxurious spas carried out exclusively, a huge array of water based activities and what not. 

Building an acquaintance with the place

Owing to their natural diversity, distributed culture and comfortable casualty, eco retreats are found to be deeply profound periods of activity and intensity spent on people reigniting their connection to nature by being most intimate and proximate with it. As tourists, one also gets to learn a lot about the livelihood, history, culture, behavior and nature of the location they are visiting or based in by observing it from a deeply personal lens. Activities such as bird watching, forest trekking, natural spas, lake swimming etc are based on interactions with the near environment and act as the supplements of such an engagement. This is particularly helpful for the tourist business of the place in question too because it allows people to discover it at their own pace, thus also improving the connection they make with it which will further positively impact the footfall the place gets.

The nature of eco retreats will automatically ensure that the said future footfall does not pose a threat to the environment because tourists would have understood the importance of following conservation by then. Even the quality of tourism will experience a drastically noticeable improvement because by personally interacting with the place they are in, people would naturally have the will to protect and conserve it.

Calmness and peace to your mental health

At the sight of some of the loveliest marvels of nature while breathing fresh air, anyone will feel as relaxed as they ever thought they would be able to feel. Eco retreats offer a huge amount of peace to your mental health while also engaging with your physical health so you stay on your toes both intellectually and bodily as often as you can. Most glamping shows or events are embellished with healthy, freshly cooked and nourishing food made from the most organic fruits and vegetables available outside and also let you exercise your entire body with free moving exercises. It is cozy, snuggly, warm and also tremendously special to be a part of such a thing. You will find your stress levels decreasing rapidly as your body returns back to its normal state after the said exposure. Can you think of anything else that would remove your anxiety as much as a good eco retreat would?

Everything that makes them what they are

At the end of the day, eco-retreats are public accommodations, regardless of their nature and specifications. They were painted in the first place to offer comfort and luxury to their guests in an environment-friendly manner. However, with that comes the fulfillment of extra wants that most tourists will naturally possess owing to the recent and forever updating trends of the world.
Eco retreats use methods such as rainwater harvesting, wastewater management and solar power to meet every ounce of energy that their services might require to be considered famous among the tourism world. They are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technology that make them as popularly and widely loved as they are.

The various eco retreats of Odisha are the perfect retreats that you are looking for, whether for your own self or for the purposes of either a family vacation or a corporate getaway. They are suitably located in the arms of nature and have an unreal amount of natural wealth that makes them as loved and appreciated as they are. They hold within themselves tents covered in the various shades of Odisha and spread out over vast lands of the state. Every single step you take in their vicinity will leave your mouth open in awe and your jaw hanging in absolute wonder owing to the unreal beauty of the place.

You can get the most beautiful pictures clicked here, bask in the summer smoothness of the time, try your hands at thrilling activities that will leave your body completely shaking with excitement, let your taste buds go on a wild ride by trying out the Odiya cuisine and basically end up making memories that you will truly cherish for years and years to come. Eco retreats let you engage with the very soul of the place and end up winning your own.

Framed by multiple coupled trees, the village of Raghurajpur is one of the most beautiful craft villages in India. It has a heartwarmingly traditional culture of craft making and most villagers invest in the performance in its entirety to ensure it does not stop existing. The works are mostly inspired by the temples and other attractions of the state of Odisha, and have their own stories to tell. Almost every household is covered in art and decorated by craft.

Pipli is another phenomenal village in Odisha that is famous for its applique work, which is essentially carried out by stitching and embroidering different pieces of cloth that are based on the most amazing decorative items such as umbrellas, pouches, wallets, mirrors etc. Take them with you to add a certain twist and change to your homes in the best way possible.

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