Konark Eco Retreat: End-to-End Tour Guide

With every coming year Odisha Tourism organizes ‘Eco Retreat Odisha,’ a seasonal glamping festival with facilities comparable to performer hotels and resorts, at various locations around the state. Eco Retreat Konark glam camp, located on the exquisite Ramchandi Beach, offers breathtaking views of the famous Konark Sun Temple on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other.

Konark Eco retreat is a plastic-free zone as the alternatives being used are dispensers for toiletries using wood almost everywhere and switching to using refillable glass bottles. To keep the form of land in its original conditions various steps have been implemented such as waste generated from residential areas was not dumped into the ocean or buried rather it is properly placed in a container in a ground dig which gets cleaned by every third day.

Tourists will be welcomed to cultural events, guided tours to neighboring places of nature, culture, historic, and architectural significance, and other recreational activities such as adrenaline-inducing water activities, volleyball, ATV rides, archery, and much more. Return to the luxury tent after a day of adventure and relax at a beach bungalow or escape to the air-conditioned camp for an extravagant end to the day. But it will be unfair to conclude the activities without providing you with explicit information on how you can top-up your visit to Konark!

Travel Across The Water Via Jet Ski

Jet skiing is considered an adventurous water sport which many people participate in when they are on a vacation at a seashore or water resort. It is a sport you can do either alone or with a partner. Aside from being a recreational activity, regular jet skiing provides numerous health benefits. Jet skiing necessitates muscle stabilization and a solid grip on the equipment using your body. This, in turn, promotes blood circulation throughout the body, allowing nutrients and oxygen to reach all portions. As a result, all the muscles are revitalized and nourished.

Banana Boat Water Sport Near The Sea On The Shore

If you are comparing this one to the fruit, you are partially right! A banana ride is a banana-shaped tube connected to a speed boat that pushes you along the water at great speed. To prep the ride, you will be provided with all the necessary safety information. Once on this Banana tube, you must hold on as tightly as possible even as the speedboat tries to flip the airboat by dropping its occupants into the sea. You can win the race if you remain excited and hold on tight!

Let The Power Rush Of Speed Boating Kick In

Speed boating is an activity and popular among tourists visiting Eco Retreat Odisha. Speed freaks who enjoy flirting with the water cannot help but climb into a speed boat. Such speed boats can transport six to eight persons at a moment and can be utilized as a mode of transportation. Speed is a popular hobby among adventure seekers.

Glide In The Air Through Parasail

Parasailing also called parascending, paraskiing, or simply parakiting is indeed a leisure kiting activity in which a passenger is carried behind a vehicle while tied to a specially built canopy wing, also called a parasail wing, that is similar compared to a parachute. The moving anchor of a manned kite could be an automobile, truck, or watercraft.

Wallow In The Mud

An All-Terrain Vehicle or ATV is a four-wheeler that may carry one or two people. Imagine it as a four-wheeled dirt bike. Riders on an ATV trip have the option of driving or riding as a passenger. You will see the countryside up close and from angles, you would never see traveling along the highway.

Recreational Activities For That Extra Fun

Feel free to try your hand in various recreational activities such as shooting, bow arrows, volleyball and more. Shooting sports are a variety of leisure and competitive athletic activities that involve accuracy, precision, and speed tests in aiming — the art of employing ranged weapons, typically small arms (rifles, shotguns, and airguns in forms such as pistols, rifles, and shotguns) and arrow shafts.

While volleyball makes for terrific outdoor activity to play for fun, regardless of ability level. It’s enjoyable equally on as well as off the net, and it’s an excellent chance to interact with new people or spend quality time with old ones.

Elevate Your Sense Of Balance

What better place than the one rounded by nature to enjoy some soul connecting yoga sessions. Yoga is much more than simply a great method to unwind; it is a holistic activity that benefits both the mind and body with the ability to boost fat metabolism, develop muscle strength, and promote flexibility, resulting in a more toned, lean-looking physique. And the spiritual city acts like a feather on the hat to upgrade your yoga experience better than ever!

Explore The Locals Using Sustainable E-Bike

To skip the fuss of the city you may opt for an E-Bike and hop on it to take a swirl around. An e-bike is indeed a bicycle that has an electric motor to assist you in moving. You ride it similarly to a regular cycle, albeit with less effort. It is definitely one of the preferable options when looking to overcome the rush of four-wheelers.

Away from the monotony, it is also supremely sustainable to make your ride an eco-friendly and a conscious initiative. You may explore the popular Sun Temple on an E-Bike and more such places to make a fruitful easy trip in the city!

More To Konark

While the list might be ending, there are so many activities for you to make memories in! Try your hands at Sand drawing, Sand Sculpture, Sand Brushing, and Sand architecture by taking a Sand Art class around. Create magic using your fingers for making abstract art using sand and give a new dimension to your inner artist. You may also unleash your inner trekker with the help of a certified guide who will arrange, execute, and provide directed hikes for you and your group.

The depth and sanctity of culture and heritage in the city is surreal to witness when the majority shifts to industrialisation and modernity. Konark is truly an epitome of rich legacy and repository of beautiful ancient buildings that stand durably strong till today. A visit to this city might instill the long lost vision of traditions in you and may spark enlightenment that energizes you with positivity!

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