How Ecological Retreats Can Help You Beat Stress and Anxiety

How Ecological And Sustainable Retreats Are The Future Of Tourism Business

Have you found yourself too entranced by the daily worries of life that all you come back to at the end of the day is a bucket full of stress and anxiety? With the constant buzz of zoom, google meet, regular meetings, both offline and online, it is evident that the world is in an endless cycle of stress, which might mean you have found yourself right in the middle of it. You possibly won’t be able to recall the last time you enjoyed yourself fully in your own company, by engaging in activities that make YOU feel good.

Does this all sound too familiar? We know exactly what you need- a good, long, and incredibly refreshing ecological retreat somewhere in the midst of nature, away from the inescapable rush of city life. It is imperative for all of us to take frequent breaks away from this hustle and bustle, so we remind ourselves of the beauty of life in its purest form. After all, what is the purpose of working so hard when you are not able to enjoy yourself?

Ecological retreats are crafted to paint the most beautiful experience for you, and your loved ones. They have the best of food, culture, nature, and art and are planned in accordance with your needs and wants, while also taking into account the environment. Here is how they can help you beat stress and anxiety super easily-

1) By letting you focus on your physical health

Some of the most incredible eco retreats offer a variety of adventure sports to its tourists. The Hirakud eco retreat, based on the bay side of the sand overlooking India’s largest dam- Hirakud, is as majestic as it is relaxing. It is equipped with supremely well-guided treks around the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary offering you a glimpse into the world of untouched, unkempt wildlife. The treks take you inside the sanctuary, letting your eyes feast on the marvels of nature as you bask it all in. The air is fresh, the trees are green, the sky couldn’t be bluer and life seems as colorful as it could possibly be.

Additionally, the retreat also includes marvelous thrill-seeking activities such as parasailing, banana boat rides, jet skiing etc. They will elevate your concentration and focus level while fully stretching your body, offering an insurmountable level of peace to your mind.

2) Kickstart in ecotherapy

Medications don’t always suit everyone struggling with mental health disorders. A lot of people are looking for a release more than acknowledgement when they think of therapy, while dealing with issues as prominent and serious as stress and anxiety. It affects their daily lives in ways that cannot fully be noticed until brought to conscious attention. Numerous therapists around the world offer ecotherapy as a possible solution to them.

In simple words, ecotherapy is the therapy that consists of all nature-based therapies capable of genuinely offering relaxation and peace to your mind. It gives you enough space to meditate and sit with your own thoughts for a while, without feeling the rapid nature of time or the sudden fear of missing out on the proceedings of your familiar world. Their aim is to bring one’s attention to the absolute beauty of nature, to then positively impact their mental health.

Nature, in itself, is easily the strongest force in the world. It offers a shoulder to people as they look into themselves to see what it is that is going on inside of them. The world we have made for ourselves is not even nearly as calming, wise, empathetic and compassionate as nature. It is chaotic, and revolves on the foundations of technology and modernity. So intense is the race towards them that people have forgotten their very reason to fly in the first place. 

Eco retreats let you spend as much time as you need with nature, while providing your basic needs and wants to you so you can use your time productively and with utmost ease and comfort. It is known to give a genuine self-esteem boost to the tourists because they get to disconnect with themselves and just let themselves be.

3) By pulling you away from the world

Sometimes, even being present as a half-time member in the real world, embellished by ‘work work work work and no rest’ being its very own slogan, is the toughest job in the world. As mentioned earlier, it can get overwhelmingly taxing, leaving you with nothing to keep to yourself at the end of the day. If you are living that life right now, you must have noticed how much of a headache it truly is.

Eco retreats, be it in Konark, Hirakud or simply Odisha in general, have every facility available to let you be whoever you want to be, for however long. They have itineraries that are suited to your tastes, and you can always approach every single one of them with extreme passion and enjoyment.

4) You get to explore a new culture altogether!

Odisha is the land of vibrancy, cultural life, authentic landscapes and a close-knit community. It breathes the fresh air of its large forests filled with wildlife, sits on the very thrones of nature and is hydrated by unpolluted rivers that gently trail down its entirety, offering water to all those who find themselves in need of it. Its culture is among the many reasons behind people flocking to it with their families whenever they have vacations or holidays around.

The awespiring state celebrates countless festivals with events that last up to a year sometimes, and fully adores its multiplicity loudly, in different shades of pink and yellow and green. The art style prevalent in the state involves utilitarian functions and is bought by people from all over the world for its sheer uniqueness and difficulty of management

Odishan eco retreats give you space to dive into the cultural life of odisha at its purest, and you get to interact with them in your own capacity. Is that not the best?

Ultimately, the role eco retreats play in managing and even beating stress and anxiety is most certainly high. If you don’t believe us, you should try it for yourself asap!

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