Glamping Checklist: What to Carry and What Not to Carry

Glamping Checklist: What to Carry and What Not to Carry

Are you absolutely excited to embark on your upcoming glamping trip? Have you convinced your loved ones to join you for the same or going solo? Glamping is the most glamorous form of camping and while it takes place in the outside world, among the lovely wilderness of nature, it does so by offering you a hotel-like environment and has its own set of luxuries that will ensure you have the most incredible experience ever. You don’t even have to pack your own tent and other essentials because your glamping venue will ensure you meet them.

If it’s your first glamping trip ever, there is a lot of space for confusion to set in. Don’t worry, we will answer every question you might have! Just keep reading.

What is glamping?

Simply put, glamping IS camping but just a more glamorous, luxurious version of it as has already been mentioned. The entire idea of the activity is to give tourists the opportunity and time to truly interact with nature in the place that they are visiting without worrying about their personal comfort and safety. Many glamping venues are fully furnished while some are less fancier but equally equipped to fulfill your daily needs. Some might have in place electricity, a functioning kitchen, a private bathroom with lovely showers, and running water. However, the mentioned amenities are subject to vary so we recommend you talk to your glamping guide in detail before deciding on the trip.

Glamping Essentials- Things You Must ABSOLUTELY Carry

Please ensure you acquaint yourself with everything that the venue already provides so you do not end up carrying extra things that are already available, wasting packing space in return. If your glamping site has heated blankets or electricity that aids heaters and you are going on a trip in the cold weather, you will have no need to pack extra heavy blankets and can instead focus on warm clothes, beanies, shawls, scarfs and what-not. This will also allow you to have the most amazing wardrobe that will lead to even more incredible pictures!

If you’re going somewhere warm and rocky, you might have to pack your sleeping bag and comfortable pillows to assure your sleep is not sacrificed. Rainy and marshy places will demand raincoats and umbrellas so you do not ruin your trip by staying inside due to the weather. The weather of your glamping site will automatically influence the things that you are taking with yourself. The list given below is largely independent of the same.

1) A first aid kit

We cannot stress enough on the importance of this. You never expect injuries and yet they might happen anytime, to you or to someone near you. While most glamping sites have first aid kits in place, especially in the case of emergencies, make sure you always carry your own so you can respond to the issue as soon as it takes place without any further delay. Your kit should have essentials such as an antibacterial ointment (dettol or savlon), bandages, band-aids, burn cream, scissors and necessary medicines among other things. Keep medicines for headaches, a last-minute cold, possible stomach issues, and other OTC medication.

2) Towels

While your site might have towels waiting for you already, don’t forget to carry your own for supreme hygiene. Some glamping sites do not have them too, so it is safe and comforting if you carry your own with you. Carry shower caps too if you do not want to disturb the consistency of your hair.

3) Basic Toiletry

Again, luxurious glamping sites may already have most of these but still carry your own toothbrush, toothpaste and other bathing or hygiene essentials just in case they don’t. Bring other sanitary products such as perfumes, deodorants, wet wipes and tissues too.

4) Other types of shoes

You may have different shoes specifically reserved for hiking and other thrill-offering activities but carry your comfortable slippers and flip flops too so you can walk around the tent and nearby in comfortable footwear. Plus, also so you do not have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night wearing them, that would be a bit comical.

5) Clothing according to the weather

Research about the place you are going to, to be familiar with its climate and its changes. See how the temperature shifts from day to night and pack your clothes in accordance with this. Having a perfectly weather appropriate wardrobe will instantly brighten up the scope and quality of your trip by covering you with as much comfort as you might need in the place. Keep clothes and gear fit for adventure sports, especially if they are flexible and still comfortable so you can walk for hours in them without feeling too uneasy or itchy.

6) Your personal essentials

Is there a book you really like? If you love the very existence of art, there must be a journal that you keep close to you at all times. Bring everything that makes you a lot more you on your trip so you feel at home even when you are far away from it. Bring your favorite scented candles, or a beanie that you absolutely adore! You can also bring incredible sources of entertainment such as board games, cards and what-not to make the most out of your short trip.

7) Technology

Lastly, our world operates entirely on technology currently and while that is a huge drawback for camping events, glamping lets you not stress too much about your electronic devices and their battery life owing to its already available electrical facilities. Carry your smartphone, its charger, earphones and even your laptop and charger if you would like to binge-watch a few of your favorite Netflix shows or maybe get some work done in the serenity of nature.

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