Water Sport Activities To Do In Konark

Water Sport Activities To Do In Konark

Konark is a small and culturally diverse town in the Puri district of Odisha. Owing to its rich history and tremendously beautiful closeness to nature, Konark is popular among tourists from all over the world. In addition to its picturesque beaches and historically significant monuments, Konark is also known for ‘The Konark Festival’ which is held every year and is the most colorful and vibrantly free festival of the town. It attracts devotees from all over India and abroad. If you plan on visiting it soon, explore the many tourist attractions of the place, take leisurely walks across its markets, buy seashells and conches to take with yourself and have the most amazing time ever.

The beaches of Konark are incredibly beautiful and popular for their pristine beauty, turquoise waters and gentle breezes that will caress you gently as you bask in the loveliness of nature, coming to terms with everything that you are, and are becoming. You can sit on the beaches and just experience the moments you make there, walk along the shore following the trail of water or simply window shop as you look for souvenirs you can take with yourself to carry your memories of Konark with you always.

Furthermore, you can also engage in the numerous water sport activities that Konark beaches have in store for you. From parasailing and jet skiing to banana boat rides and ATV rides, the amount of options is certainly astounding if anything and will leave you confused but also insanely excited.

We have curated a list of the water sports activities you must absolutely engage in when you go to Konark-

1) Parasailing

If there is one activity that can be found on the bucket list of every single adventure seeker and thrill lover out there, it is parasailing. Essentially a recreational activity involving a person being towed by a vehicle while they are attached to a parachute which is simply called a parasail. Everyone participating in this activity must wear helmets and life jackets so their safety is assured. Eco retreat Konark offers parasailing to its visitors and tourists on several beaches of the town and is a truly enchanting experience. 

2) Speed Boat Rides

Are you into races and love speed in its entirety? Bike racing would excite you fully then, and must already set your brain into a rush. You get to race around through the great waters and streamline along the waves while racing with your friends, exploring an excessive amount of adventure on the sea. Speed boat rides allow you to detach yourself from the world as you experience extreme closeness with nature. You can graze over sun-kissed waters as you become one with the breeze and let yourself venture forth freely.

3) ATV Rides

There aren’t many places in India that allow you to go on ATV rides. While it is a fairly offbeat adventure activity, it supremely gratifies your adrenaline needs. It involves an ‘All-Terrain-Vehicle’, the stretched version of the ATV,  which is just an open-air motorized off-highway vehicle, specifically designed to be able to travel on three, often four low-pressure tyres. It also has a comfortable seat in the middle for the rider to sit and control the handlebars of the vehicle. ATVs are mostly used for dirt biking activities and you do not really need any former or pre-established experience because it is mostly safe for beginners and amateurs or people just afraid of adventure in general. 

4) Banana Boat Rides

You will go BANANAS over this sport if you are genuinely fond of water sports and love water in general. It involves a boat that is shaped like a banana and is connected to a speedboat which then pulls it along the waters while people sitting on it wait for it to turn over with life jackets and safety helmets on. While it is genuinely fun to be thrown off the boat, it is also highly recommended that you hold onto the boat with your life to double the fun.

Children above the age of 10 can participate in the activity with adequate safety measures and can have an immense amount of fun with it.

5) Jet Ski Ride

The beaches of Konark have waves that will genuinely fuel you with sheer power as you ride them on jet skis. You usually get to ski for only 10 minutes or so and are accompanied by an experienced rider who is trained to take care of any fallbacks in case they happen. It is a great workout and also allows you to have absolute fun. You can jet ski on the surface of water and it might be a bit challenging but it will also entrance you completely.

6) Snorkeling

Snorkeling allows you to go inside the surface of water as you explore its very depth while enjoying the views of the world of water. It involves swimfins, a diving mask and a snorkel which is simply a breathing tube. This equipment lets you see and observe the underwater world at its most undisturbed state. It also does not require you to use a lot of energy so you can simply let yourself be and have a huge amount of fun while at it.

Eco Retreat Konark is easily one of the biggest and most incredible glamping events of Odisha and will leave you satisfied and in touch with the glory of the beautiful state. It lets you explore yourself while you’re exploring nature and it is, all in all, a genuinely wholesome experience. The Eco Retreat Odisha offers an expansive range of water sports activities that you can do to not only make the most out of your trip but also strike them off your bucket list. They are carried out with utmost security and your safety is taken care of by the professionals available readily on ground in case of emergencies. You can also partake in other activities and just have the best time of your life!

Framed by multiple coupled trees, the village of Raghurajpur is one of the most beautiful craft villages in India. It has a heartwarmingly traditional culture of craft making and most villagers invest in the performance in its entirety to ensure it does not stop existing. The works are mostly inspired by the temples and other attractions of the state of Odisha, and have their own stories to tell. Almost every household is covered in art and decorated by craft.

Pipli is another phenomenal village in Odisha that is famous for its applique work, which is essentially carried out by stitching and embroidering different pieces of cloth that are based on the most amazing decorative items such as umbrellas, pouches, wallets, mirrors etc. Take them with you to add a certain twist and change to your homes in the best way possible.

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