Great Glamping Experience

Great Glamping Experience

Here’s what you need to know about a great glamping experience!

Travelling is an activity that almost every single individual has on their bucket list. Whether it be to the lofty hills, the green forests, the windy deserts or the great ocean, the marvels of nature stand in wait for the enthusiastic footfall they receive every season. To make the most out of it, glamping and camping have recently turned out to be quite favorable options for stay.

Glamping is a lot like camping with the only significant difference being that it allows glampers to equip themselves with the comfort of materialistic things to make their experience more comfortable and cozy. Majority of travelers are yet to get their hands on the concept of it; therefore, we solved it for you by all the explicit information you need to know before you plan a glamping staycation!

The Best Of Both Worlds

With a visibly enthusiastic spirit in people when it comes to exploring new places, some travelers enjoy the rugged experiences of camping while some prefer to delve into the oceans of luxury. Furthermore, there is also a considerable chunk of travelers that wish to unveil God’s flawless setting in peaceful comfort of their own. The raw and rough arrangements tagging along beds on the floor do not excite them but overwhelm them instead! They are nothing compared to the natural authenticity of being in the great outdoors.

Amenities to relax such as soothing folk music and bed of roses without giving up on the picture-perfect views of nature seal the deal for most travelers. While they may prefer to sleep on soft cushions and mattresses, they prefer to do so in tents where they can form a connection with nature. Is that not convenient, and relievingly so?

Facilities To Relish

While campers don’t mind the unavailability of restrooms and are usually okay with the idea of missing showers in case there’s no public facility around the area they’ve chosen to camp in, most glampers tend to be particular about their hygiene. The majority of glampsites are equipped with plumbing, washrooms, and hot showers to make the experience more suitable and comfortable for glampers.

Glampers also prefer to have home-cooked food and have refrigerators around them for chilled beverages to make the most out of the moment. Campers are the exact opposite in the sense that they cook their own meals using whatever resources are available in the wildlife. 

Staycation In The Wilderness

Majorly, with travelers wanting an immersive experience without trading off their comfort and the benefits of luxury; the advantage of glamping has notched up experiential traveling on a large scale, making it open to people skeptical of the natural ways. Safari lodges, canvas tents, floating cabins and much more; glamping offers you undivided serenity of nature with premium stays and exquisite services straight from the heart of grandeur. 


Evidently, judging by the inclinations of the majority today, better accessibility with ultimate convenience is popular on the travel charts at the moment. Wanderers whose go-to choice is camping are slowly merging right into glamping all because of a gorgeous mix of stunning attractions and mouth-opening interactions with nature at its most beautiful.

Why You should go Glamping today?

In our unavoidable fast-paced lives, there are a lot of reasons to hit pause occasionally with a break but the world of hustle culture leads to an unhealthily busy life that somehow blurs the possibility of a break for us and takes us away from the much-needed lush of greenery. It is essential to have weekend getaways rooted into nature to unwind deep amidst the wilderness. When paired well with luxurious furnishings, fine dining, and scenic views, it transcends into an unmatchable utility of a vacation.

It relaxes the mind, comforts the body and offers a refreshing outlook on life to the much thirsty soul. Glamping is dearly beloved among the current world because it speaks of self-care at its finest, least pretentious version and allows people to truly enjoy themselves in whatever capacity they believe would be most beneficial for them.

Authenticity Of Camping With A Touch Of Luxe

Much used to the idea of camping being restricted to the non usage of man-made facilities, trekkers and enthusiastic campers might understandably have a hard time making sense out of glamping but for couples looking for a romantic getaway or a group of families pursuing deep bonding amongst each other with comfort in hand, it might be the money well spent sought of a play. Bringing various forms of up top and elegant selection in each genre of hospitality, luxury of glamping can be made sense out of when you truly wish to connect with nature at a minimal cost. 

Withstanding and promoting the heritage of Indian Tourism, Odisha Government has quickly jumped on the bandwagon of the premium and precious Glamping experience. The government’s take on it matches up to all the levels of fine hospitality without being heavy on your pocket. After assessing and analyzing the absoluteness of glamping, they have thrown their hands smartly and wisely to provide what consumers actually expect- whether it be planned glamping events with your loved ones or those you can go on yourself to discover different versions of who you are currently!

The world of glamping is only evolving with time and has begun to take roots in the rich diversity of India, with lands that sing tails of time and oceans that carry within themselves a connection as strong as anything. Glamping is a reconnection with the environment at your own pace.

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