Dos and Donts To Plan A Perfect Glamping Experience

Dos and Donts To Plan A Perfect Glamping Experience

Glamping is quite literally the glamorous version of camping and comes with an entire set of luxuries to make your camping experience a lot more smoother than the traditional ways would let you believe. It offers you the best of both worlds by allowing you to dive straight into the rugged experience of the great outdoors while providing you with everything you might need to make it as incredible and pristine as possible. You can sleep in the laps of nature with perfumed fragrances and conditioned environments to keep yourself secure and fresh. You can also directly dive into the world of wilderness with luxury and comfort serving as your anchor. It is truly beautiful.

How is glamping different from camping?

You have more agency! You can bring with you whatever it is that speaks to you and offers you an endless amount of peace and comfort. Many glamping tent curators or guides will set you up with offers and luxuries such as spas and hot showers that will be one of the highlights of your entire trip! Camping, on the other hand, is a more traditional and authentic way of interacting with the environment. It does not include such decorations and is usually built around the full experience of nature at its finest. 

Dos of Glamping

1) Carry out adequate research about your location

Ensure you know as much as you possibly can about the location you’re going to. Look up its yummiest dishes that you should definitely try, the activities you must engage in when you go there, the places you absolutely must visit and what-not. Additionally, know the routes and maps of the place so you are familiar with the venue. Look up transport options in case of emergencies, and also be familiar with the places you can visit within walking distance. Familiarize yourself also with the grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals and other necessary outlets near the place where you’re staying so you have everything you might need in case the situation demands it. Stay particularly updated on travel restrictions and local public health guidelines both at home and for your destination before and even during your trip.

You can set up your own luxury glamping tents in the area you have chosen or let another professional plan that out for you. You can also simply consider the eco retreat in Odisha for a memorable experience.

2) Make a concrete, workable itinerary you can operate on before the trip

With normal vacations and hotel stays, you can simply be chilled out and have the time of your life without putting much planning into the trip. With glamping and camping, however, you will need to invest a good amount of thought in the quality and quantity of the food you’re getting. It is usually highly recommended that you get homemade food when camping, but while glamping, you will be able to avail the local cuisine of the place you’re visiting and let your taste buds feel true heaven.

If your glamping site does not have ready made food to offer, you can always just cook your own meals because they will have wooden stoves that you can use to cook the yummiest food possible.

3) Get your own sources of entertainment

To ensure the trip remains incredible throughout the entirety of it, get cards, board games or even glow sticks to make your day. If you are not planning on hiking or exploring other physical modes of passive entertainment, we highly suggest you consider getting an adequate supply of reading material also with yourself so you don’t have to face a single dull day when you have nothing to do and you want to reconnect with the lifestyle of campers and glampers. Additionally, this will also ensure you can truly have as much fun as you want and be able to make the most out of the trip without affecting your pocket or your mood too much, and too adversely. You can also have a cozy evening outside, around a bonfire, just singing songs with your friends and dancing on your favorite tunes while the fire keeps you warm from the comfortable chill that has surrounded the place.

If you’re an avid lover of photography, carry your camera with you so you can capture your most favorite moments of the trip, and keep them close to you always. 

4) Pack according to the climate of the place

Because it is essentially a glamping trip, you will have a lot of space to pack according to the climate, especially if it is inclined towards the chilly end. You can carry with yourself warm blankets, ingredients such as marshmallow and cocoa to make the perfect hot chocolate and other warmth inducing objects to make the most out of a cold trip, and swimsuits and sunglasses if your trip is going to be slightly sunny and watery.

Dont’s of Glamping

1) Don’t spend too much on luxury

While glamping in itself, by its name, contains the presence of luxury in it, it is highly recommended by us that you don’t spend too much on 5 star hotels and other top-class facilities. They might take away the absolute experience of glamping and stop you from truly connecting with your environment like a glamping trip would ask you to do. You should, on the other hand, make the most out of whatever you have available already, cook your own food and have the maximum amount of fun while you’re at it.

2) Don’t forget to pack safely, with precaution

Be equipped with all sorts of safety equipment that you can acquire and carry with yourself. Be aware of the insects and other possible animal attacks that you might have to sail through and make your first aid box already. Carry at least 1 flashlight, pepper spray and a sharp object with you in case your personal safety is threatened at any point of the trip.

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